What is Mermaiding

Mermaiding Is Amazing

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A New Skill

Mermaiding is a new skill derived from Freediving. It's an enjoyable way to show your creative side

A Healthy Skill

Mermaiding can effectively improve your core strength, it is a more Relaxing and Fun way to work out

A Elegant Skill

From Basic progress to elegant skill, It is best for Photography, Performance and Modelling


Benefits Of Mermaiding

For Adult

  • Experience Fun and Joy!

  • Master The Basic Skills of Freediving

  • Witness Your Waistline Melting Away

  • Enhance Core Strength

  • Enhance Cardiopulmonary Function

  • De-stress

  • Anti-aging

  • ETC.

Benefits Of Mermaiding

For Kids

  • Make the Child Fantasy come true.

  • Enhance Body & Mind condition

  • Improve Under Water & Self-Confidence

  • Relax your child mind from Stress

  • Improve Physical Well Being  

  • Better Prepare for the child future venture into becoming a Freediver or a Scuba Diver

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